Residents of a building in upper Manhattan say their landlord is only heating their apartments for a few hours per day.

Tenants at 501 West 169th Street tell NY1 the heat and hot water go on and off.

One resident says he was without gas for seven months and needs several repairs done. 

Residents claim their complaints are going unnoticed. 

"We freeze at night. We can't sleep sometimes, man, you know. We got to sleep with sweaters on, coats on. It's ridiculous, man, you know? We just want to have some heat here at least," said one resident.

"People have it a lot worse, I understand that. It's livable. But I've paid every dime of my rent for seven-and-a-half years. I guess I expect, I guess I expect a little better," said another.

The building owner released a statement saying the heating system was modernized and upgraded as part of a renovation and is functioning very effectively.

He says he's received no complaints from any tenants or the city.