SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Ride-hailing is a service drivers say is becoming increasingly popular during winter weather conditions like those the arena experienced Wednesday.

“It was non-stop the entire day from early morning work commute to students getting to and from finals,” said Uber driver Jeff Bauman.

Jeff Bauman Ubered on Wednesday, picking up about 30 rides. At one point, he says he had two or three rides waiting in his cue.

“I would say it was honestly higher than anything we experienced so far,” said Bauman.

The demand for ride-hailing continued Thursday as students headed back to transit hubs for the holidays.

“A lot of people kind of don't like walking around in the cold. They don't like getting dressed for the cold being in four or five layers, so I think that having access to Uber in the winter is helpful,” said SU student Morgan Goodwin.

But, if you are looking for a ride at peak times, "surge" pricing may go into effect.

“It's based on supply and demand, so the good thing about that is it encourages our drivers to get on our platform,” said Bauman.

When “surge” pricing does go into effect, you'll see that price before you confirm a request.