Vinyl records, Hess trucks and vintage lunchboxes. While that may sound like a trip through your parents' attic, those are all items for sale at "Generation Records" on Thompson Street in the Village.

While it's first and foremost a record store, William "RatBones" Furlong also collects and sells everything from Star Wars memorabilia to Batman merchandise.

"This is an original 1966 Batman lunch box. I've seen it go upwards of $5-, $6-, $700 online.  I have it here at the store. It's only $250. And it's got the glass thermos, and it's very hard to find with the thermos, so it's a pretty rare piece," Furlong said.

The motto at Generation Records is "Obscure, outrageous or just plain weird."

If you'd like to learn more about the shop, check them out online at