Humans aren’t the only ones feeling the effects of cooler temperatures.

Although our furry friends may have an extra layer of warmth, cats and dogs still feel the chills.

Here are tips from the Humane Society of Charlotte and Four Dogs Pet Supply in NoDa on how to keep your pets warm and comfortable during cold weather:

- Salted sidewalks can cause irritation or crack paw pads. There's specialized cream out there to restore moisture, but petroleum jelly also does the trick. A pair of booties can help cover them up altogether.

- When dogs and cats come back inside, use a wet than dry paper towel to clean off any debris

- If you opt for a dog jacket, make sure its insulated or padded near the chest and armpit area - its where they lose heat

- Make sure water isn't frozen - plastic bowls or warmer water can help slow the process. Check on this 3-4 times a day.