Wilmington NC- Folks gathered in downtown Wilmington to light up the night by remembering those who lost their lives to gun violence.

Wilmington Faiths Against Gun Violence hosted its third annual vigil to remember the people lost to shootings.

More than fifty men, women and children showed up for the event.

One sister, Candice Williams lost her brother Joseph David Williams in a shooting and she says his life was gone too soon.

"He could have had a future and it was cut short and it was very unfortunate. And that he had so many people out here that miss him and love him still ya know," says Williams. 

Pastors of all different religions  stood side by side in the cold praying for victims, law enforcement and those who have committed the crime.

The leaders of the group hope that moments like these will help take politics out of the equation and use their faith to move towards a solution. 

“And we believe that prayer covers everything, so when we’re coming to these prayers things are going to happen. Its going to happen and I believe, I have faith that prayer is going to resolve a lot of these things," says Patricia Hardwrich who lost her son in a shooting.

And at the end of the prayer, lights gleamed throughout steps at the Riverfront Park. It was a chance for Candice and her mother to remember the brother and son they are leaving behind.

“Wish I would have opened the door got out the car and squeezed him and hugged him, kissed him and told him I loved him. I wish I would have did more in the moment when I saw him that last time.”