UTICA, N.Y. -- Another Utica-based organization is speaking out against the future downtown hospital.

Monday, the Landmark Society of Utica announced their opposition to the multi-million-dollar project. The facility will be built on a 25-acre parcel in downtown Utica. Dozens of buildings will be demolished and some street patterns will change in order to make room.

Organization leaders say they hoped to work with the Mohawk Valley Health System on the project. However, once they saw the site plan, released last month, they realized even more historic buildings would be torn down than originally estimated.

"This is totally against what we are all about," said Michael Bosak, vice president of the Landmark Society of Utica. "We're about existing buildings, saving them, reusing them and keeping the character that is uniquely Utica, because if you have brand new buildings and all that, you start to look like every other city. You don't look uniquely Utica."

It's the group's belief that the new hospital belongs at the current Faxton St. Luke's campus. Members plan to attend every public hearing in hopes hospital officials will reconsider the location.

Hospital officials expect to break ground on the new facility in 2019.