HUNTERSVILLE -- A spirited holiday saga in Huntersville wrapped up Sunday as Fire Station 2 hosted Cone Weed Gives Back.

Folks jumped at the chance to fill food bags for 4,000 families, donate toys or write cards to first responders.

"This whole thing started with this weed,” said Huntersville resident Jay Nolan. “Figured it be great, especially for our kids, to see what it's about to give back to people, especially at Christmas."

The Beatties Ford Road attraction has captivated the community since early November, when the Fire Department highlighted its decorations online. Since then, it’s sparked a fundraiser, song and survived a brief abduction by the NC DOT.

What may be most remarkable, though, is its impact. It’s a garden weed that could have been cut down months ago and discarded. Instead, residents rallied and made it something beautiful – beyond its tinsel and ornaments.

Fellow resident Robyn Neely said, "It's different and fun. A fun way to do something for the community."

There are no plans for an Easter or even Independence Day Cone Weed, but we’re told you don’t need one to keep making a difference.

"You can pay it forward by being helpful to your neighbor, coworker, a friend. Continue the magic of the holiday,” said Huntersville Fire Dept PIO Bill Suthard.