Graffiti art has lined New York City streets for years, but now it is proudly on display inside St Francis College.  The Brooklyn school commissioned a mural for its gym just in time for basketball season at its Brooklyn Heights Campus. 

Tats Cru, a Bronx based graffiti artist group, brought the mural to life with the motto “Brooklyn Tough.”  School officials want the artwork to reflect the students' and community’s resiliency. Jamaal Womack, the assistant basketball coach there says "that's what the school really represents and I think that's what the mural represents. The toughness of our student body and what they have to go through and the challenges that they have as they attend college."

The mural, which will permanently stay in the school’s gym, is the second piece of artwork to be displayed in the campus' athletic facilities.

The aquatic center also features a painting by artist LeRoy Neiman.