WAKE COUNTY - The Wake County board of education voted on their 2018-2019 Student Enrollment plan Tuesday night, approving most of it while separating discussion of Buckhorn Creek Elementary from the mix.

The decision comes after parents urged the board to make the new school in Holly Springs a year round facility instead of on the traditional calendar as it was intended to be.

The board recieved about 1,800 comments on three discussion forums by 1,100 participants on the assignment plan.

They also hosts three public information sessions.

Parents had concerns that 350 students could go from year round to traditional.

“84% of the students who are slated to attend Buckhorn are coming out of year round schools, primarily Holly Grove and Herbert Aikens and it creates a calendar mismatch really for elementary to middle school students,” said Holly Springs resident Amanda Liimatainen.

And board members have similar concerns.

“I am so not comfortable with moving kids out of multitrack schools in high density, high growth area but I’m also understanding that I’ve been told by board members and administration that we need a traditional school,” said Roxie Cash. 

“The challenge is not that Buckhorn Creek is on the traditional calendar, the challenge from the community is that so many people from a multitrack calendar are being shifted to that school. Opening Buckhorn Creek as a traditional calendar is not a problem if those families don’t have to move,” said Bill Fletcher.

The school board has no set a date for when discussions on Buckhorn Creek will pick up.