Protestors greeted President Donald Trump in Manhattan Saturday as he began a round of appearances at several GOP fundraising events.

The president was in the city to raise money for his own re-election campaign, as well as the Republican National Committee.

Opponents and supporters both came out in large numbers at several locations in Midtown because of the commander-in-chief, with some zeroing in on the newly passed Senate tax reform bill, which experts have said will benefit higher-income earners over lower ones. 

"And he definitely needs to stop these nasty tax cuts," said one protester. "He is affecting the middle class of America and it is not acceptable. The working class cannot accept these changes to continue to happen."

"What he's doing to the country is absolutely horrible, and we need to confront him every time he tries to sneak into New York," said another.

Protesters chanted "shame on you" to Trump supporters, who told NY1 that they have nothing to be ashamed about and that they are proud to support their president.

"Just a delight to be here," said one Trump supporter. "Been a Trump supporter since day one. We're contributing to his progress, and I'm very proud of where he has taken this country so far, and the sky's the limit."

The president was only in the city for a brief visit. He was expected to leave by the end of the day.