ELMIRA, N.Y. -- A 12-hour standoff left one man dead Tuesday afternoon. Police say 59-year-old Phillip Van Cise died following a shootout.

It all started when police received reports of a possible suicidal man. When they arrived at the Oak Street home, there was word of potential threats.

After numerous attempts to contact Van Cise, police say he then went to a second story window and fired several shots at police. The police then fired back, but it was still unclear if the suspect was hit.

At about 11 the next morning, police entered the home to find Van Cise dead. It's unclear at this point whether he was killed by police, but they say it does not appear he shot himself.

Elmira Police Chief Joseph Kane says a follow up on Van Cise's social media revealed additional details.

"I can't tell what he was thinking at the time," said Kane. "I can't talk to him right now, but there was some concerning posts about causing harm to police officers, and to disarm a shotgun at a police officer is deadly physical force, and it's difficult for us to react any differently."

No one else was home at the time. The New York State Police are now handling the investigation.