Halloween is almost here, and getting a costume isn't just about dressing up - it's about making yourself up too. NY1's Lindsay Tuchman got into the Halloween spirit by undergoing a special transformation just for our cameras.

Sure you can buy a Halloween costume, but if you want to do it in style – you can also transform yourself with makeup.

That’s what brought me to Ricky’s on Broadway. They have the Revolver Manic Panic Salon in the back, which this time of year, becomes Halloween Makeup and Hair Central.

Makeup artist Ayumi Mitsuishi hails from Japan - and says Halloween is when her creativity can shine.

"Coming to New York, oh my God Halloween was so much fun, and then usually I can’t do crazy hair and crazy makeup for people, but on Halloween day I can do much, I can go crazy. I like that," Mitsuishi said.

I asked Mitsuishi to make me up into what she says is this year's most popular look – a glamorous "sugar skull," a symbol derived from the Mexican holiday following Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos, which honors friends and family who have passed. And off we went, starting with an airbrushed skull base.

No glamour look is complete without sequins and big eyelashes.

Appointments with Mitsuishi range from $50 to $100 and up - but you can also of course attempt to do it yourself.

Safe to say I was completely transformed – and ready for Halloween.