MOCKSVILLE, N.C. -- Law enforcement and officials at Davie County High School say they've found those responsible for hanging a noose in a school restroom Monday.

The image of the object has been circulating on social media and the school has addressed the issue with students.

They say appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.

A statement from the school district reads in part, “Symbols of hatred and violence have no place in our schools and we will continue to work diligently to address such divisive issues when they arise. We take such incidents seriously and are making this a teachable moment.”

Two more nooses appeared Tuesday in what investigators say were copycat incidents.

The following message was sent out to parents Tuesday evening:

"Yesterday a picture of a noose in a restroom was circulated on social media. School administration was made aware of the picture and immediately began working with law enforcement to investigate. The display of a hate symbol was completely unacceptable and such behavior will not be tolerated. Appropriate disciplinary action was taken as a result of this incident.

"Today, two copycats emerged and we continue to work with law enforcement to identify those individuals responsible. If any of your children have information related to these incidents, please have them contact a member of the school administration or counselor, so that appropriate measures can be taken.

"There was a rumor of a threat at the school today. The Sherriff’s Office was contacted immediately and after investigation concluded there was no real threat to the safety of students. Davie County Schools sent out a school messenger text and email notifying parents that there was no real or credible threat. Today, school administration met with the student body to reiterate our expectations of keeping Davie County High School a safe and welcoming school."