You've heard of 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,' but how about a pumpkin grows in Harlem?

The Harlem Harvest Festival is taking place this weekend.

At St. Nicholas Avenue and 117th Street on Saturday there will be an outdoor farmers market, a harvest bake-off, and live musical performances.

Dozens of vendors are getting ready to serve up fall flavors, including Harlem's own Sugar Hill Creamery.

Participants say the Harvest Fest is where city meets country.

"Being a longtime resident of Harlem, and growing up on a farm in Iowa, the harvest is one of my favorite things of the year. So I wanted to showcase some of the things in New York State that I think of when I think of harvest. The first is pumpkin, the other is concord grape, and the third is apples. So we're doing 3 different variations of ice cream sorbet," said Sugar Hill Creamery founder Nick Larsen.

If cocktails and craft beer sound more your speed, you can check out the Cecil Steakhouse. 

They're hosting tastings for Tap Harlem Harvest in conjunction with the main event.

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