The future of storytelling takes center stage at a technology festival on Staten Island. As NY1's Shannan Ferry explains, the event is dubbed the largest of its kind in the world.

Evan Yionoulis feels like she's been transformed into a tree.

A virtual reality headset, a vest, and sensors "transport her" to a rain forest. 

Her arms feel like tree branches, her body is the trunk, and she smells foliage. 

"There was really a progression and you really felt like you were there as this tree growing over the life of a tree," she said.

This virtual reality experience is one of more than 100 exhibits at the 2017 Future of Storytelling Festival.

The three day event showcases a variety of technologies, from augmented reality to interactive installations that enable multi-sensory storytelling. 

Spectrum is the official wireless partner of the festival.

"And I use the word story almost to mean emotional connection the thing that's gonna make you excited and care about it," said Charles Melcher the founder and director of the Future of Storytelling Festival. "We're doing things that transport you take you on an adventure, like a heroes journey."

Here at this station viewers can look through an infinite art gallery. All you have to do is put on this virtual reality head set, and they can see an endless number of paintings, just like this one.

And ladies who are looking for love can even go on virtual date.

This mannequin transforms into a suitor while using Dream Date.

You can speak to your digital companion, and even hold his hand.

"So when you reach out to touch the model, you're touching sensors, it's taking actual human electric energy and putting it back into the virtual space, and then he kind of animates," said Zoe Bachman, creator of Dream Date.

The festival also features speakers and performances.

It runs through Sunday at Staten Island's Snug Harbor Cultural Center.

Tickets are $40 per day.