The city is stepping up relief efforts for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

Mayor Bill de Blasio toured the emergency management office Bushwick warehouse, which is filled with supplies being sorted for shipment to the island.

The mayor announced 53 more city workers are headed to Puerto Rico to help with relief efforts.

He said the federal government responded too slowly, and says the city is working to make up for Washington's shortcomings.

"There was a very troubling moment a few days ago where President Trump suggested there was something wrong with the Puerto Rican people," the mayor said. "There's nothing wrong with the Puerto Rican people, the only thing that's been wrong is the United States' response to this crisis, which has been insufficient. And we have stepped in with everyone we have to try and fill that gap."

The city is accepting diapers, batteries, baby food, first aid supplies and feminine hygiene products.

They can be dropped off at precinct stationhouses and some firehouses across the city through the end of the month.