One the city's biggest cultural celebrations made its way through the streets of Midtown on Sunday.

"I wanted to represent my culture, I wanted to represent my people as a Dominican myself — especially born in America," one parade-goer said.

Tens of thousands of people marched up Sixth Ave. for the 35th annual Dominican Day Parade.

The celebration featured plenty of bachata and merengue, as well as colorful floats and costumes.

This year's parade was also dedicated to Detective Miosotis Familia, who was fatally shot in the Bronx on July 5.

"We honor her, obviously," said Maria Khury, the chair of the board of directors for the Dominican Day Parade. "The strength of her uniform, the strength of being a single parent, the strength of being a Dominican."

Adriano Espaillat served as the parade's grand marshal.

He made history last year when he became the first Dominican-American and formerly-undocumented immigrant to be elected to Congress.