There's been an uptick of incidents involving an "unusually aggressive squirrel" in Prospect Park.

Park officials say it's biting New Yorkers.

There were five reported incidents between Tuesday and Thursday of last week.

Each time, the squirrel struck near the Parkside and Ocean Avenue entrance. 

It's rare for squirrels to have rabies, but officials are acting under the assumption this one is infected.

People who spoke with NY1 were unconcerned about this tiny terror.

"I've never heard of a squirrel attacking people," said one park goer.

"If we see a scary-looking squirrel coming towards us we should go the other direction. It just seems like you could avoid it," said another park goer.

Rabies is fatal if left untreated.

The Health Department is urging anyone attacked by a rabid animal to seek treatment immediately.