NATIONWIDE — Summer is upon us, and temperatures across the country are scorching — What would you do if you saw a child or a pet locked in a hot car?

It’s important to note that when temperatures outside range from 80 to 100 degrees, the temperature inside a car parked in direct sunlight can quickly climb to between 130 to 172.

A Texas glass company is taking a stand through its #Smash2SaveALife Awareness Campaign.

Mobile Glass says it doesn’t want anyone to have to worry about the cost of replacing a vehicle’s window when saving a life. With locations nationwide, they’ll offer a free car window replacement for any vehicle’s window that was broken in one of these situations.

The only requirement is a corresponding police report or video evidence.

Though it’s a Texas company, Mobile Glass says it’ll work with a nationwide network of auto glass professionals to replace any car window. Call 1-800-557-3078 for locations.

How to safely break a car window

According to, car windows are made from tempered glass and are designed to resist blunt force. So unfortunately, beating on a window with a blunt object may have no effect.

The “trick" is to target around the edges, not the center, as this is where the glass breaks more easily. Do not try and break the front windshield or back windows of a car as these are manufactured to break differently than passenger windows and will be nearly impossible to break through.

The easiest thing is to have a car hammer/car window escape tool in your car’s emergency kit. The devices are inexpensive and not only shatter car windows but often have seat belt cutters included.

In extreme situations, if you do not have a car hammer or any other tool, you can try using a spark plug.

As National Geographic host Brian Brushwood explains in the video below, first, you can get one from your own car by popping your hood and pulling it out. Next, you will need to break the porcelain casing around the spark plug (remembering to protect your eyes from shards). Then take a sharp piece of the ceramic and throw it precisely at the window you want broken. The ceramic will shatter the glass!

I broke a window to save a life — now what?

  1. Stay calm.

  2. After calling the police and filing a report, call Mobile Glass at 1-800-557-3078.

  3. A customer service representative will guide you through.

  4. If after-hours, snap a picture of the broken window or record video of incident.

  5. Get the vehicle owner’s information (Name, phone, email).

  6. If owner’s information is not available, snap a photo of license plate and VIN.

Someone is trapped — What should I do?

The advice is to try contacting someone without leaving the scene. If unsuccessful or you’re unable to locate the number to your local law enforcement, call 911. If waiting seems too big of a risk, safely break the glass to save whomever is trapped.