NEW YORK - The South Ferry stop on the 1 train reopened to riders Tuesday, nearly five years after it was severely damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

The storm flooded the station with 15 million gallons of saltwater in October 2012.

The renovated station had only opened in 2009.

The extensive damage from Sandy forced the MTA to reopen the old, decommissioned South Ferry stop.

That meant riders had to be in the first five cars of the train to get off.

The new station has room for the whole train.

"It's nice. The whole train fits on the platform, so I think it's better," said one 1 train rider.

I would say it took a while. But I'm glad, actually, things are getting, starting to run now. So it's much better," noted another rider.

After the new South Ferry stop reopens at noon, the old station will be retired again.