A construction accident in Queens left six people injured Monday morning. 

It happened just before 11 a.m. at a building on 27th Street near 42nd Road in Long Island City.

The Department of Buildings says a crew was pouring a concrete slab into a form on the eighth floor when it collapsed.

They say six workers suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

"I heard a loud crack. I heard a bit of a bang. The concrete came spewing over the side," said one person who works in the area. "I originally thought it was the column falling, so I came running outside to get out of the way of the column, but it was actually, when I looked up, it was the deck that was falling, and I heard a few guys got stuck."

"It was like a noise," said another. "We didn't see like what happened at that time, but there was a noise and then we just realized how many ambulances were here."

A stop work order has been placed at the construction site.  

The Department of Buildings is investigating the incident.