NEW YORK - The Parks Department is working to fix a stretch of seawall along the East River that recently collapsed.

The damage is just north of Gracie Mansion in Carl Schurz Park along the promenade.

Officials say last Friday's storm sent nearly 50 feet of fencing into the river.

The Parks Department has safety personnel stationed there and has also set up temporary barriers.

It says it will fix the fence as part of the first phase of a $15 million East River Esplanade project.

Residents say it's just the latest in the park's long running list of problems. 

"How long is it gonna take to be repaired, that's the big question," said one concerned resident.

"It's how long to repair but what length to keep the kids from taking danger," noted another resident.

"Will they invest in the infrastructure because it's needed. The whole place is crumbling," said a third concerned resident.

NY1 is told the project has been on the Parks Department's agenda for at least three years.