From the court to the concrete, the city sets out to keep the streets clean. 

The Sanitation Department launched a new anti-littering campaign called "Talk Trash New York."

It's encouraging New Yorkers of all ages to clean up after they hit the courts.

The department held a free basketball clinic for young boys and girls at the famous West 4th Street courts in Greenwich Village today.

Kids got to sharpen their shooting, passing, and ball-handling skills — all while learning the team sport of keeping the city clean.

"I think that people will have lots of fun because it's a basketball net and they'll feel like I just finished my drink and now I feel like an NBA player and just shoot it into the net ," said young player Jordan-River Samuel.

"I know I've been guilty of it, I'm sure we all have at some point or another," said event producer Brandon Adams. "But the kids especially, like coming up, I came up playing in New York City parks. So it's important that we keep those parks clean."

Five hundred new hoop-themed litter baskets will be installed across the city, where anyone can dunk their trash.