NYCHA residents on Manhattan's Upper West Side are speaking out against the agency because of Friday's rainy weather.

Tenants at the De Hostos houses on West 93rd Street near Amsterdam Avenue say the rain flooded their hallways, apartments and stairwells.

It also caused damage to walls and left one of the building's elevators out of service.

People we spoke with say neglect by housing officials may have caused all the damage.

"This water comes all the way down from the 22nd floor," said one tenant. "The roof needs to be done. I guess there's some sort of pump situation that they're not doing. So there's water in the walls."

"There was a lot of water in the lobby, I can't even take the elevator, "said another." They had to shut one elevator. We have senior people living in this building-- handicapped. This is a big problem we have in this building."

A spokesperson for NYCHA says the agency has not been notified of complaints about damage in specific apartments and is urging tenants to call the housing authority's contact center at (718) 707-7771.