Another group is boycotting the Puerto Rican Day Parade because a controversial figure will be honored.

This time it is the Lieutenants Benevolent Association.

The LBA is asking its members not to participate in the event on June 11.

It is also asking them to boycott corporations that are still funding the parade, and not vote for local officials who pushed for Oscar Lopez Rivera's release come election time.

It says honoring him is an insult to all members of law enforcement, especially those of Puerto Rican descent.

Lopez Rivera was released from prison last week.

The Puerto Rican nationalist spent nearly four decades in custody for his ties to an extremist group.

It was responsible for more than 100 bombings across the country, including one in Manhattan, but Lopez Rivera was never linked to any specific attack.

Earlier this week, longtime parade sponsor Goya Foods said it would not take part in this year's parade, citing a business decision.

The NYPD Hispanic Society and the Rafael Ramos Foundation have also pulled out.