A world-renowned fertility doctor in the city is offering couples a chance to win free In Vitro Fertilization services via online lottery for National Infertility Awareness Week — but it comes with strings attached.

In exchange for a free cycle of IVF treatments, winners must agree to become poster children, of sorts, for infertility awareness by sharing their joy on social media.

Dr. John Zhang with New Hope Fertility Center in Columbus Circle is a world renowned fertility specialist. And fertility treatments are notoriously expensive for couples trying to conceive.

Zhang says he came up with the idea for a lottery when he realized neither he nor his collegues were aware that National Infertility Awareness Week existed.

Couples need only meet three criteria to enter for a chance to win the baby lottery. First, the woman must be 43 years old or younger. Second, she must have a referral from her doctor for fertility services. And finally she must not have come to New Hope Fertility Center before.

If Zhang's name sounds familiar, you may have heard it recently when he successfully implanted a fertilized egg in a woman containg DNA from three parents at his clinic in Mexico City. That technique, which he pioneered, received a controversial reception from medical ethicists.

Likewise, the lottery scheme has raised eyebrows and ethical questions. But Zhang insists that he and his colleagues simply want to raise awareness about the growing problem of infertility and encourage more open discussions about the taboo topic.

The deadline for applications is Monday, May 1. The winners will be announced in a Facebook Live event, hosted by the center at 2 p.m. on May 5.