Police are still looking for clues in the death of Court of Appeals Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam, whose body was found Wednesday in the Hudson River.

The medical examiner did an examination, but says more studies need to be done to determine the cause of death.

Abdus-Salaam disappeared Tuesday morning. Police say she made a call to her assistant saying she would not be coming into work that day.

On Wednesday at about 1:45 p.m., her body was discovered in the Hudson River near her Harlem home. 

"There are no apparent injuries to her body. It appears to be un-criminal at this point," said NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce. "There is an autopsy taking place right now as we speak. We will know more. All of her property has been recovered."

Abdus-Salaam was appointed to the Court of Appeals, the state's highest court, by Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2013. Prior to that, she was appointed to the appellate division of the state Supreme Court by former Governor David Paterson, who called Abdus-Salaam a friend.

"The people on the judicial screening panels, the people on the committees, my counsels, whenever they were around her, they had testimonies from losing parties, 'We didn't win our case, but the judge was very fair.' She had outsanding character," Paterson said.

On Staten Island this week, Mayor Bill de Blasio took a moment to reflect on Abdus-Salaam's contributions to New York.

"Always kept her feet on the ground. Always remembered where she came from. And it's just very, very sad," de Blasio said. "Someone for whom so many people in this state, so many young people, had been a role model."

There is no word yet on who Governor Andrew Cuomo will appoint to replace her.

"I don't think it will shake up the court," Paterson said. "That's the great thing about our American jurisprudence. And the Court of Appeals has seven members. The governor, I am sure, can find a talented person."

Cuomo had a public event scheduled Thursday on Long Island, but it was canceled. On Wednesday, he issued a statement calling Abdus-Salaam a "trailblazing jurist." 

Abdus-Salaam was the first African-American woman appointed to the Court of Appeals. Sources say her first husband was Muslim, but she never converted to Islam.