NYCHA says it will see at least $35 million less in federal funding this year.

A spokewoman for NYCHA says they got a letter from the Department of Housing and Urban Development telling them about the cuts.

She says this will directly impact more than half a million New Yorkers and will mean slower repairs, less maintenance and fewer services.  

Residents NY1 spoke with in Red Hook says this is a bad decision and are blaming the president.

"I just think Donald Trump doesn't know what he's doing. And I don't think he knows the affect he has on people, especially people living in this area," said one resident.

"I think we should fix the elevators. We have to fix the playground for the kids, the basketball courts. So I think funding NYCHA is very important, and he should not defund NYCHA," said another.

"Defunding NYCHA is going to do nothing but hurt this community. So I think that he should rethink what he's doing and make a different decision," said a third.

A spokesman for HUD does not dispute the number, but calls it more of an estimate since a final budget has not been passed.