A non-profit community group here in the city hosts a special event for Holocaust survivors to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim. NY1's Angi Gonzalez joins us live now from the Upper West Side with details.

Despite what they've been through these Holocaust survivors look forward to spending time together and with Selfhelp Community Services' next generation volunteers.

"My upper family was all murdered in camps," said Holocaust survivor Jeannette Morrisson.

"When you get old having younger people around you makes you feel so much alive," said Renee Grosman, who is the child of a Holocaust survivor.

The non-profit held a brunch Sunday at the Lincoln Square Synagogue on the Upper West Side.

An early celebration of Purim — a Jewish holiday these Selfhelp clients might otherwise spend alone.

"A lot of them are socially isolated and really cherish the opportunity to celebrate the Jewish holidays," said Sandy Myers, with the non-profit.

In the current political climate, an event like this also gives Holocaust survivors a chance to speak with like-minded people about current issues.

"I know that anti-Semitism is a millennium old phenomenon, that it crops up its ugly head every so often in different places, in different ways," Morrisson said.

But the conversations aren't always serious.

"We try to just be friends to the clients and speak to them about what makes them comfortable," said Jeremy Weinrib, volunteer brunch chairman.

Something that brings joy to these survivors — many of whom feel lucky to be alive.