A popular intersection in Duggan Hills now has its identity back.

The street signs at Delaware Avenue and Hyland Boulevard have been replaced after being taken down last April. 

They were removed for utility pole work by the Department of Transportation.

One of the signs removed was named after Rab Wilkinson, the late owner of the popular bowling alley, Rab's Country Lanes.

Rab's son and current owner, Frank Wilkinson, is most happy to see his father's name back where it belongs.

"Everybody who walks through out door is our family, and people see that, they see his name on the street and its a clear reminder of the impact he had on our local community in addition to the bowling community, so for the street to have its identity back, its more important to us and our community to see that," he said.

The DOT replaced the street signs a week after NY1's Lindsay Tuchman filed the original report.