Some of the borough's young entrepreneurs got a chance to learn from experienced business men and women in New Dorp.

The High school students visited a hair salon and spa to see what it takes to run their own business.

It's part of Young Entrepreneurs Academy's 30-week program which allows students to create and launch their own business plans.

The Staten Island Chamber of Commerce runs the program.

The visit to AF Bennett Wellness Spa was in preparation for the Academy's Investor Panel Presentations.

The students will present their ideas to a panel with the goal of receiving funding to bring those ideas to life.

"My idea is a child care app. It's called E-Bimby and it's where parents store their child's information so they don't have to carry papers and stuff like that," said Alessandra Hayes, a 10th grade student.

"I am going to be running a designer service. Basically what it is is you pay me and I would design your own social media outlets and websites," said Damyn Cowan, a 9th grade student.

The presentations will be held on April 5th. For more information visit