Local lawmakers held a rally Saturday to make Wall Street's "Fearless Girl" statue a permanent fixture in Lower Manhattan.

State Assembly member Yuh-Line Niou has been spearheading the effort, and says more than 50 female elected officials signed a letter in support of keeping the statue up.

The bronze sculpture of a little girl staring down the iconic Wall Street bull went up to honor International Women's Day, and was planned as a temporary installation.

Leaders say they think it sends an important message.

"It's a symbol of how, you know, we are also missing a lot of women representation in government, as well as many of the corporate boards, our organizations," said Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou.

"We think this a message that should continue for young women all over the city, and for visitors coming to the state," said City Councilwoman Rosie Mendez. "And to empower young women, young girls, to become fearless young women in the future."

The statue's supporters are asking the public to sign a petition to support keeping it up permanently.