The LGBTQ community held a big rally outside the historic Stonewall Inn on Saturday to stand in solidarity with those impacted by President Trump's travel ban. NY1's Natalie Duddridge has the story from Greenwich Village.

Carrying signs with messages such as "LGBT stands by our Muslim brothers and sisters," thousands flooded Greenwich Village for a solidarity rally to show support for immigrants, refugees, and others impacted by Donald Trump's travel ban on seven mostly-Muslim countries.

"Were going to stand up and say all of the things that Trump has put forward," one protester said. "We're going to stand for all the people he's already not welcomed to this country, and we're going to continue to say that this is not going to be OK."

The rally was organized by City Councilman Corey Johnson and was held outside the historic Stonewall Inn, the country's first national monument dedicated to LGBT history, and a site widely regarded as the birthplace of the gay rights movement.

"We wanted to stand here as a community to say if one minority is under attack — if one vulnerable person is under attack — then all of us are under attack," Johnson said at the rally.

A long list of performers, elected officials, and speakers also voiced their concerns about LGBT rights and say they'll be watching the Trump Administration closely. 

"Adoption and marriage rights, and housing, and employment discrimination — all these things. So we're staying very vigilant as we see what this White House is going to do next," said Zeke Stokes, the vice president of programs for Glaad.

Many of the people NY1 spoke to say for the last several weeks they have been attending marches and rallies, but now they are ready to turn that energy into real action.

"I've actually been going to a lot of the rallies," one protester said Saturday. "I went to the Women's March, and really I'm just keeping up-to-date on everything that's going on."

Dozens of leaders from various community groups attending the demonstration say they'll continue to come together to not only rally, but to make calls to local legislators and take political action.