Dozens of Boy Scouts braved the bitter cold for a day of sports, games, and valuable lessons about the great outdoors. Our Bree Driscoll has more from the annual Klondike Derby.

Second year Webelo Christopher Varon-Berman knows the key to success as he and his Cub Scout pack take on the penguin relay.

"We have to have teamwork and we have to be friends," said Varon-Berman. "And I can say our pack is really like that. We are friends and we work together very well."

The relay was one of several events in the Boy Scouts' annual Klondike Derby Saturday in Coney Island. The derby is kind of like the Winter Olympics of scouting events. Things like building a survival structure, the harpoon throw, a water rescue simulation and more. Organizers hope the fun and games translates to real life lessons.

"It gets them away from the electronics, the games, the boob tube, all that stuff," said Robby Riess, Breukelen District Leader. "Gets them outside, a little bit of fresh air, a little bit of exercise, a little bit of competition."

And while winners were awarded trophies and everyone received badges the scouts understood what the real goal was. 

"Teamwork is when we all work at the same time and helping each other out," said Cub Scout Massimo Velez.

"You have to work together and make sure you are all at the same pace," said Thomas Dono.

Now the main event of the day is the sled race. Scouts spend weeks constructing these sleds. They were hoping to race them on snow but today sand will have to do.

"It probably makes the sled race a lot slower because last year we would just fly across the snow," said Scout Daniel Brenes.

But they lived up to their motto and were prepared for it.