It's been brewing for a whole year, but the annual New York City Beer Week is back on tap. NY1's Roger Clark got a taste Friday and filed the following report.

Coney Island Brewery Head Brewer Eric Hernandez showed off a sample of what's on tap Friday morning inside their Surf Avenue headquarters where they've been brewing and serving suds since 2015.

"We've been making new and exiting beers. We've made 26 different styles in the past year and we keep growing," Hernandez said.

The entire craft brewing business is booming across the five boroughs, giving reason to raise a glass with a more than week-long celebration called New York City Beer Week. It's the eighth annual salute to locally made pilsners, lagers, IPAs and stouts, presented by the New York City Brewers Guild which is made up of 26 beer makers in town.

It brings awareness, brings everyone together, puts everyone in the same room, and is like, look what you can have from all these different breweries," Hernandez said.

The opening bash is on Saturday, followed by tap takeovers at bars, and food and beer pairings and tastings through next weekend.

Breweries will debut new varieties including XXXX exclusively using malt and hops from New York State.

Coney Island's new brew is a filtered, kettle soured ale called Infectious Smile.

The craft brewing industry is flourishing in New York City and expanding. More breweries are on the way and if you ask members of the craft brewers guild they'll tell you, the more the merrier.

Hernandez said it's not just about attracting places to stock and serve their products, but convincing beer drinkers to go there and buy it.

"We have customers that will come in and come to our tap room and say I had you guys at this festival, or I had you guys at beer week. What else do you have? Well, we have eight beers on tap. Come on and try them all," he added.

This year's celebration will also feature the first ever Fermentation Festival, which celebrates many types of fermented food and drinks.

Beer Week will run through March 5.

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