More than 100 people gathered on Staten Island Thursday night to address concerns over health care.

Neighbors and health care workers met at the Central Family Life Center in Stapleton.

Organizers say they put on the town hall for people worried they will lose their health care following President Donald Trump's promises to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

They also say it was a response to Rep. Dan Donovan's refusal to put on a town hall of his own.

"We were hoping that the congressman would do a town hall so that the community, as well as our 1199 members, could come and speak with him, especially from the health care workers' perspective. Unfortunately, he was not able to do a town hall. So we felt a lot a people have questions, they wanted to understand what this will mean for them, for their jobs or for their own health care," said Betel Manjura, deputy director of 1199 SEIU.

Donovan, who supports repealing the Affordable Care Act, was absent from the meeting.

His office says he's not holding in-person town halls to avoid disruptions, but that he does hold them over the phone.