It's not just hecklers with political opinions getting booted off airplanes these days. 

Former New York Sen. Alfonse D'Amato was escorted off a JetBlue flight for making a commotion.

The incident happened Monday night in Fort Lauderdale, after D'Amato's plane was delayed by six hours.

Passengers in the front of the plane were asked to switch seats to balance weight on the flight, but, as D'Amato explained on the Road To City Hall's "Wise Guys" segment Tuesday, it was slow-going.

That's when the 79-year old Republican, sitting in the back, got involved.

"We're told by the captain that nine people have to move from the front of the plane to the back so that it's balanced. Otherwise, they can't take off," D'Amato said. "And then he cuts it down and he says, 'Well, we need four more people.' And then some more time passes by, and he says, 'Well, we need two more people. And if they don't move, I'm going to come and get them out.' And another 10-15 minutes go by. Finally, I walk up and say to him - I don't say it from way in the back and shout, I walk right up, I was in 24, seat 24, walked up, and I say, 'Captain, when are you going to do this?' 'You're off. You're out.'"

JetBlue says it can remove passengers if there's a situation that could escalate.

D'Amato says he was visiting a sick friend in Florida and had not slept much.

D'Amato represented New York in the Senate from 1981 to 1999.