The city is following up on a warning to withhold rent subsidies from landlords of two buildings for not making necessary repairs to rundown apartments.

One of those buildings is at 20 West 190th Street in the Bronx, which has 84 outstanding violations.

The owner of that building will not receive about $5,000 in monthly subsidized rent payments after being warned about unsafe living conditions last May.

Some of the problems in that building include mold and broken windows.

A building manager tells us they've made progress on some of the renovations but haven't been able to get into some of the units in order to complete repairs.

Tenants say they've had enough and hope now the landlords will act.

"I'm having leaks that need to be taken care of. Running hot water. The pipe is not good enough. Rats and roaches," said one tenant.

"If this is a way that will encourage the landlord to do what's necessary, then I think it's a good step," said another.

The other building is at 541 West 150th Street in Manhattan, which the city says has 155 violations.

There were 10 other buildings on the so called "dirty dozen" list, but officials say landlords of those buildings have made significant improvements.