Some high school seniors with an interest in fashion and art are taking over window displays, which is just in time for the holidays. NY1's Roger Clark filed the following report.

From the look of these festive window displays, you might think this is a department store somewhere in Midtown. But it's the front of the High School of Fashion Industries on West 24th Street.

"We have department store windows outside the school and then also inside," said Daryl Blank, principle at High School of Fashion Industries. "And so our students work with our teachers on producing these windows."

The students design window displays four times a year.

The new holiday edition salutes six women who are icons of music and style like rocker Joan Jett, country music Legend Dolly Parton, Queen of Salsa Celia Cruz, Beyonce, singer and model Grace Jones, and of course, Madonna.

The renowned creative ambassador for Barney's New York, Simon Doonan, who knows a thing or two about window dressing, guided high school seniors studying visual merchandizing.

"It's a process beginning with a little idea," said Doonan. "Then building and building, discarding things that don't work, rethinking things, so it's a great sort of problem solving exercise and I have to say the kids did a fantastic job."

The students steered clear of traditional holiday characters like Santa and his reindeers. Instead, they chose women who made an impact in music and fashion.

"Since this is a school that is a majority of woman," said Sukari Webb, senior at High School of Fashion Industries. "I think it was important to show woman doing positive things in this world."

The young women spent weeks working on the windows, including extra hours after school. So to finally finish this project, they couldn't be more thrilled.

"It's an amazing thing to finally have them done and to finally see our work being displayed, especially in such a busy street like 24th Street," said Britney Trinidad, senior at High School of Fashion Industries.

"Seeing people stopping by, taking pictures with their kids, it's like so cool," said Alyssa Santiago, senior at High School of Fashion Industries.

And there's plenty of time to check them out. The window designs will be on display through March.