Harlem residents caught an unlikely sight in a neighborhood park this weekend.

A white-tailed deer has been roaming Jackie Robinson Park for several days.

The deer is missing an antler, but the Parks Department says the animal appears healthy and isn't acting out of the ordinary.

White-tailed deer in Manhattan are extremely rare, and it's not clear where this deer came from. One possibility is that it crossed a bridge or swam across the Harlem or East rivers from the Bronx. 

"My friends and I were walking back from getting dinner and one of my friends said, 'Oh there's a deer over there,' said one man.

"I didn't believe him because we're in the middle of Harlem. Then I look right over there and I saw the deer. My friend who noticed this is from Colorado so maybe he had some sort of a 'woods sense' about him."

The Parks Department says it and the NYPD are keeping a close eye on the animal.

The department says it has also received reports of multiple deer, but can only confirm one at this point.

The park is a narrow slice of green that spans ten blocks, from 145th to 155th streets, between Bradhurst and Edgecombe avenues.