A local wellness center wants to help Staten Islanders set and achieve their New Year's resolutions ahead of January.

"Changes Nutritional Therapy and Personal Training" in New Dorp is hosting its first ever health and wellness expo this Saturday, December 2nd.

The free fair starts at 3pm and is open to everyone.

It will feature cooking classes, nutritional consultations, and workout demonstrations.

"If everyone starts looking at themselves, taking care of themselves, not putting on the extra weight, feeling healthy, then the New Year starts of right. Then you're not going into January thinking "oh no, I need to change!" said Jessica Braadt, Changes Nutritional Therapy and Personal Training

"This is a reminder to take care of yourself and  to prepare for the New Year as people start to set resolutions and intentions." said Laura Gotlin, a yoga instructor.

For more information about Saturday's event, visit changesnutrition.net.