NEW YORK -- A day after Donald Trump's surprising win in the race for the White House, advocacy groups come together in the city to rally against the new president-elect.

Hundreds gathered at Columbus Circle earlier tonight to denounce Trump.

They say his plans to deport immigrants and ban Muslims from entering the country can't move forward.

Another protest also took place in Midtown where demonstrators expressed their concerns over a Trump presidency.

A smaller group voiced their concerns at a separate rally in Union Square.

Those we spoke with say they don't trust Trump to lead the country.

"The only thing he's good at is making people hate, which does not qualify him to be president of this country," said one.

"This is not someone that I want to represent me and he's not my president," said another.

"This is a wakeup call for our country and people understand that we have to organize like we never organized before and that there are people are lives who depend on this including undocumented people, including Mexicans and Muslims," said another.

"He's just a horrible person," said another.

Similar protests were held in other states, including California, Illinois, Oregon and Texas.