A new report from City Comptroller Scott Stringer says the Trump administration could hurt crucial city programs.

Stringer joins a slew of city officials, including Mayor Bill de Blasio, challenging the president-elect.

The report says the city is at risk of losing more than $7 billion in federal support every year under Trump.

Within his first 100 days in office, Trump has promised to cancel all federal funding to "sanctuary cities," or places where local authorities do not prosecute undocumented immigrants.

NY1 spoke to Stringer about what he thinks is at stake.

"Do I think that the city can afford to lose any of it? Not really, given where these dollars are going to support our most vulnerable citizens," Stringer said. "So I do think this is an eye-opening snapshot of a budget, of a budget that could be hurtful to New York. And what I would say to President-elect Trump is, this isn't just a budget line. Behind every budget line, there is a child who goes hungry, there's a senior who is sleeping in the streets."

In several conferences over the last couple of months, Stringer has not ruled out a run for mayor when asked by reporters.