Two construction workers are dead after a crane accident in Queens. NY1's Thabie Sibanda filed the following report.

Investigators are now working to determine what caused a fatal crane accident at 134th Street and 82nd Avenue in Queens.

"A tragedy occurred where we lost two workers. Those two gentlemen won't be going home tonight. We're very sorry about that," said Rick Chandler, commissioner of the Department of Buildings.

Police say the accident call came in just after noon. Contractors had been working to extend a building and, according to the FDNY, workers were trying to lift a 6,500-pound I-beam when it broke loose, falling on two men and killing them.

George Smith, 47, was inside the cab of the crane driving. Alessandro Ramos, 43, was outside guiding the beam. 

"This is just a reminder that construction is a dangerous, dangerous job, and that we are being vigilant at the Department of Buildings to try to do everything that we can to keep it as safe as possible," Chandler said.

The accident alarmed many in the community, including Pete Corrigan, a member of the carpenters union. 

"I'm a labor activist, and just how many people are going to keep getting killed? It's got to stop. We got to start working safe in the city," Corrigan said.

Investigators say it's still too early to know what caused the accident.

"It's been windy today. The department has issued a couple of wind advisories over the weekend. But I want to be emphatic that we're not sure if that played any role," Chandler said. "There are a multitude of factors, and in fact, right now, our preliminary discussions are leaning toward material failure with the rigging rope itself."

The Department of Buildings says the crane was checked in the beginning of June and passed its inspections.