Hundreds of people of all races and religions came together in peace and song at the Brooklyn Heights memorial park of the late Beastie Boys' member Adam Yauch to stand up against hate.

"I was very disheartened, it was very disappointing to see that type of graffiti especially in a liberal type of borough," demonstrator Robert Wilson said.

The rally, organized by State Senator Daniel Squadron and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz, Yauch's band mate for over 30 years, was prompted by an incident that happened Friday in which swastikas and "Go Trump" were painted on the playground.

"Adam Yauch grew up in Brooklyn, grew up as part of the Jewish faith and spent a lot of his life fighting for the respect for all people and for peace, and the fact that this happened in this the playground named for him is particularly tragic and vile," Squadron said.

"This is more about someone in NYC linking nazi Germany to Donald Trump in a 'hell yea' kind of way, in a park where children play, by the way,' Horovitz said.

Actor Ben Stiller was also in attendance, using his celebrity to speak out against hate.

"This happening in Adam Yauch Park, and Adam Yauch was so about peace and non-violence, it's just a really horrible thing, I think we need to say this is not okay in America," Stiller says.

Ad-Rock," closing with lyrics to the band's 2004 hit "To the 5 Boroughs," challenged all to spread love, not hate - which is what he says his late bandmate would want.

"Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten, from the Battery to the top of Manhattan, Asian Middle Eastern and Latin, Black, White New York, let's make it happen," Horovitz said.

The swastikas have been painted over and there's now a memorial of flowers of positive messages covering it.