A north Bronx brewery is expanding to the south Bronx and partnering with its competition. NY1's Erin Clarke filed the following report.

Workers are putting the finishing touches on a new bar and restaurant opening in the south Bronx, the Gun Hill Tavern.

"This is a great opportunity for us to expand our brand into another part of the borough that doesn't always get an opportunity to come up to our space," said Dave Lopez, co-managing partner at Gun Hill Tavern.

It's a joint venture between the owners of Gun Hill Brewery, way up in the north Bronx neighborhood of Williamsbridge, and the Port Morris Distillery in the south Bronx, which makes a Puerto Rican spirit called Pitorro. 

The Gun Hill Tavern will be part of a flourishing local spirits scene in a neighborhood that's already home to Tirado rum distillery and the Bronx Brewery.

"We didn't want another brewery from outside of the Bronx or even outside of New York to come in and kind of represent what's happening around here, so we felt it had to be a true Bronx brand," said Kieran Farrell, co-managing partner of Gun Hill Tavern.

In addition to their own spirits, Gun Hill Tavern will also carry a rotation of other New York State beers, ciders, wines and liquors.

"This can sort of become a destination for craft drinkers in general where they can come and spend a day or an evening and go from place to place," Lopez said.

And the restaurant would be the first of its kind in this part of Port Morris which is still quite industrial, but changing quickly."

"You see the construction that's going on. More and more people are just popping up every day around here," Farrell said.

"You have Silvercup Studios that's also next door," said Ralph Barbosa, co-owner of Port Morris Distillery.

But there's nowhere for them to eat. Unlike in the western portion of Port Morris where there are restaurants and a trendy food court is expected to open, options here are limited. 

"The neighborhood needs something like this. There's really only one diner that's right next door," Barbosa said.

But that will change once Gun Hill Tavern opens this Saturday, November 19.

If the weather holds, the restaurant might even roll up these large glass garage doors and welcome customers to grab a bite while they sit street-side.

Something else you don't see around these parts too often