Their four-part harmony has made legendary a capella group, Sweet Honey in the Rock, world famous and after 43-years of serenading audiences. NY1's Cheryl Wills filed the report.

Sweet Honey in the Rock says they are still going strong. 

We recently caught up with the legendary a cappella group during a rehearsal in Manhattan.

"People have already said to us - we need you more now than ever - we need your songs now," says one of the founding members, Louise Robinson.

Some of the faces have changed over four decades but the message of freedom and empowerment has remained the same.

"We always want people to go away feeling empowered getting some enlightenment and to really feel like they have a voice," says Carol Maillard, who is also a founding member.

Sweet Honey in the Rock has been the soundtrack of global activism and soul-stirring spirituals, which has earned worldwide praise.

"People come back to us and explain how they were touched in such a way it made them change," says singer, Aisha Kahlil.

"I find it amazing that we still exist because people don't play us on the radio," group member Nitanju Bolade Casel says.

You may not hear Sweet Honey in the Rock on the radio, but their legions of fans say their rhythms echo with each beat of their hearts.