The city is urging senior citizens and New Yorkers with disabilities to apply for the city's rent freeze program. 

The program allows senior citizens over 62, and those over 18 with disabilities, who earn less than $50,000 a year to be exempt from future rent increases. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio says 77,000 New Yorkers qualify for a rent freeze but have not applied for the program. 

"For so many New Yorkers, they can freeze their rent, and they need to, because people are having such a tough time making ends meet, because the cost of housing keeps going up and up," de Blasio said. "This is the first issue on the mind of so many New Yorkers. How can they afford to stay in the city they love and the neighborhood they love? This is one of the ways." 

The latest freeze for rent-stabilized tenants went into effect last Saturday. 

Rents on one-year lease renewals will remain frozen for a second year in a row, but two-year leases will go up 2 percent.