As beautiful as the grounds are at Snug Harbor, maintaining the 83-acre site is no easy task.  CEO Lynn Kelly says making even small repairs to the 150-year-old buildings can cost tens of thousands of dollars. She says that and a lack of city funds put the cultural institution into financial trouble last year. But Kelly says things have turned around.

"Snug Harbor is in a really good place. I am looking forward to seeing it set sail what's its next journey. Just like I am ready for my next journey," says Kelly.

After 6 years, Kelly is resigning. A few months ago, she helped secure $400,000 in additional annual funds for Snug Harbor from the city's Department of Cultural Affairs. Kelly also helped bring on new board members, executives from companies like Delta Airlines and Penguin Publishing Company, and representatives from both the New York Wheel and Empire Outlet Mall.

"This is a gem here that has to be supported. We are the cultural anchor to the North Shore. We will be here as all things change here on the North Shore for the good," said Kelly.

Kelly has accepted a position as executive director of New Yorkers for Parks, a 100-year-old organization dedicated to creating parks and open space in the city.

"I have always cared very much about New York city. The built environment. Open space," she added.

Snug Harbor Board Chairman Mark Lauria told NY1 quote "because of Lynn's great leadership we have the best financial footing we have ever had." He says Snug Harbor Chief Financial Officer Jeff Manzer will serve as CEO until Kelly’s replacement is found.  Kelly's last day is October 28th.