Congressman Hakeem Jeffries says he will ask the Justice Department and the NYPD's Inspector General to investigate NYPD overtime for officers on modified duty, calling it shameful. Our Michael Herzenberg has the story.

The mother of Eric Garner says it's unacceptable that the officer who put her son in a fatal chokehold earns overtime while on modified duty.

"It's a smack in the face," said Garner's mother Gwen Carr. "You're supposed to be on administrative duty until all the facts are in, and all the facts are in, and you're being congratulated for killing my son."

Daniel Pantaleo earned roughly $40,000 in overtime and extra pay in the two plus years since the death of an unarmed Garner.  A grand jury did not indict Pantaleo but the Justice Department is still weighing whether to file civil rights charges and the NYPD hasn't yet decided if he should be penalized.

"That gives them the incentive to keep on doing what they're doing to our children," Carr said.

The mother of Ramarley Graham says the officer that shot and killed her teenage unarmed son earned tens of thousands of dollars in overtime and he's also still on modified duty while waiting on the NYPD to decide if he should be disciplined.

"I don't even know what to say," said Graham's mother, Constance Malcom. "It's just so frustrating. Every time you think you're going forward you get knocked off your feet again."

Officer Richard Haste was not indicted for chasing Graham and killing him in the family's bathroom more than four years ago and the Justice Department did not file a civil rights case against him.

"Those officers should be in jail right now and instead they are collecting tens of thousands of dollars in overtime pay from the city of New York," said Congressman Jeffries.

Representative Jeffries stood with the families of those killed by officers and community activists, blaming Mayor Bill de Blasio for not delivering the meaningful police reform he promised.

"It's a systematic cultural problem," Jeffries said.

Jeffries says the incoming Police Commissioner's order to review overtime policies of cops on modified duty is too little too late.

The head of the largest police union has countered that there's nothing wrong with an officer earning a living and supporting his or her family until a determination of wrongdoing is made.